It's time for a raise!

Do you want to add five figures to your salary, quickly?

You are doing the work of 3 people, but you are paid the same as those around you

You lead, drive change, and get shit done, yet you haven't seen a pay increase in a while..... Well, maybe an inflationary increase, but nothing substantial. Nothing that matches the growth you have taken on. 

You are
high performing and high potential! You wear many hats and are involved in many of your company's successes. 

Sometimes you wonder
how screwed your company would be if you quit

Let's be honest. You are tired of being taken advantage of. Month over month, you are pumping out high quality work. You are a powerhouse. You have initiative, you're organized and you are incredibly efficient.  Meanwhile, those around you are just coasting by and are being treated the same as you.

Every day, you feel like you are settling. You settle with a lower wage. You settle for the crappy chair at work. You settle for fewer holiday days or stock options. Every day, you are sacrificing a part of yourself and what YOU want.

Now, you are frustrated. You are tired of settling. You are tired of putting yourself second. You are tired of waiting for someone to really SEE the value that you bring to work every single day. You are taken advantage of and it's time to make a change.

Imagine.....feeling valued and appreciated
Imagine...... being paid what you deserve to be paid.
Imagine..... not being frustrated because your work is undervalued.
Imagine.... an extra $20,000 on your salary. 

If you are tired of waiting for someone else to dictate your worth....
If you are tired of sitting around and waiting for
someone to recognize you....

If you are ready to
take control of your pay and earn what you deserve...
Then you are in the right place!

It's time to stop feeling frustrated, and start feeling empowered, excited and VALUED!

What my clients are saying

Let me introduce myself....

I am Melissa - and I am THE Six Figure Salary Coach. It is my mission - nay, my passion - to help ambitious and strong women (like yourself) add 5 figures to their salary, EASILY!

I know what it's like to sit and wait to be paid what you DESERVE. I have been where you are! I have cracked the code to get paid what I am worth. I have applied it over and over again to get women the pay. freedom and flexibility that they deserve. 

I help women get pay increases from $10,000 to in excess of $30,000 in just a few weeks.  

I have helped to negotiate more holiday time, signing bonuses, maternity leave increases, sales commission and so much more! If you want it, it can be yours! 

I got tired of wondering if my pay was fair or when I would be offered a promotion. I did something about it - and now it's time for you to do the same!

TODAY I can negotiate a $15,000 increase without blinking twice.

BUT, I haven't always felt this way. It wasn’t that long ago that I was underpaid and frustrated.

I have been where you are......

I loved my job! I loved what I could accomplish. I loved how I was regarded. 

But I was also very frustrated. I felt taken for granted. I would watch those around me get promoted while I was sitting idle. 

My salary wasn’t growing but my responsibilities grew tenfold.
I had this strange emotional pull. I wanted to go to work and succeed but I also wanted to throw in the towel because I was working far beyond what I was being ‘paid to do’. I started feeling resentful toward my employer because I didn’t feel VALUED. I didn’t feel APPRECIATED. 

I almost felt like something was off. I thought quite highly of the work that I did, but I wasn’t rewarded in the same capacity. 

That was frustrating.
Finally, I cracked the code on how to request and negotiate my salary easily..... and I want you to have this tool!