About Melissa

Do you want to add 5 figures to your salary?

Look at that baby-face! Ok, first…I feel like I need to apologize for this photo. It’s very passé for a website image. BUT - that is me in university (taken at a conference) and let’s just say that image resolution has come a long way since then!

I would say I was the average person entering the ‘real world’. I took the typical career progression steps. University out of high school. Got a job and wanted to prove my worth. I wanted to run the world. But I quickly realized that work was eating me up.

I loved my job, so at the time I didn’t feel like anything was wrong. I was one of the only women at the boardroom table and proud of that – but also afraid to speak up and really wondered if I deserved my spot there. I was invited to amazing networking events which I was excited about. But also felt like there was a hidden agenda behind it. I was surrounded by men and I wasn’t confident enough in myself to know if I had these opportunities because of my intellect and contribution — or because of my looks. I worked harder than most of the men around me yet I still had to grind to get one step ahead. I heard inappropriate comments about me from my male peers. I would stand up for myself and then be told that I was ‘adversarial’ (because I didn’t format an excel spreadsheet). I would hear other women in the office speculating on why — or how — I got my job (wink wink, nudge nudge). I was in this weird place in my career. I was young, driven and excited yet my peers were tearing me down and I let that impact how I felt about myself. I was an island. But I believed I was destined for great things - so I persevered.

After 3 years of working for the same company, traveling all over the country, participating in high-level strategic planning exercises and executing on major corporate initiatives I finally got the promotion I felt that I deserved. It all lead up to this one moment of recognition. And the pay increase was minuscule. I couldn’t believe it. I was mad, hurt, defeated, frustrated and felt worthless. All of my sacrifices culminated into this puny raise. Was I that out of touch with my performance and contributions? I was stunned.

My boyfriend at the time (now husband) said “so quit” and I couldn’t believe that advice. How could I walk away from something I worked so hard for? Quit? That wasn’t an option. So I sat down and wrote all the reasons why I deserved more (like, a lot more). I built a business case about myself and what the company’s return on investment was in me. I outlined everything I had sacrificed and what else I could bring to the table. I sent this letter to my boss to renegotiate what the company was offering me. 

And to my surprise, he said “I agree. I am proud of you for sticking up for yourself” and shook my hand.

This moment..... 

This moment changed literally everything for me....

I realized the power of asking for what I want and why I felt like I have earned it. This shaped the future successes of the next 10 years of my career. It was so simple yet is overlooked by so many of us.

So, why is THIS STORY my About Me page? Why am I not talking about my specific contributions, degrees, certifications, and career milestones? Because I think many women experience situations like this throughout the entirety of our career - except many don’t ask for more. I want to give you the confidence to ask for more and teach you how to do it effectively.

My coaching is based on action and results. This isn’t a fluffy or theoretical approach to coaching.

This is me — working alongside you — to get results! It’s that simple!