Fast track your negotiation - Tailored 1:1 Support


If you need to respond to your employer (or potential employer) right away, or need tailored 1:1 support, this is the best package for you. I will work with you exclusively for 2* months to prepare you for negotiating your salary or promotion FAST. We will walk through all phases of the together. That means quickly going through each phase to get you results, fast.


We will build a unique strategy based on your:

  • job
  • work life
  • total compensation plan
  • company salary bands
  • current pay
  • desired pay
  • job history / performance or future earning potential
  • any other unique factors of consideration tailored to your situation


You will have unlimited support tailored to you to ensure you get results FAST.


*IMPORTANT even though you have access to me for 2 months, we will build a strategy and execute on it almost immediately.

Please note that pricing is in USD

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