Mini Strategy Sessions


These mini-strategy packages are here to help you with one aspect of asking for a raise or promotion. Depending on where you are at in your journey, these sessions are a great resource for you to get the ball rolling, or get you ‘unstuck’.

With this, I will coach you through one element, and enable you to take it from there.  Each mini-strategy package includes 2 x 45 min calls with me along with 2 x email follow ups. 1 x call focusing on training and strategy, 1 x call focusing on your outcome and work based on our initial call and 2 x email follow-ups to audit your work and ensure you are properly applying the teachings

Pick one of these Topics for a mini-strategy session:

Frame of Mind: deep dive into what’s holding you back from asking for a raise and how to overcome it.

Define your V.A.L.U.E: We will work together to define the facts and evidence to build a proper business case. This will be tailored to your unique employment situation.

Know your Audience & Business Framework:
We will uncover your unique employment situation and really breakdown who are talking to, your company policy, your salary bands, etc. This information will serve as the framework for how to write your letter and start strategizing how to spearhead the conversation to request a raise.

Craft your Letter*
: I will help you write a well-supported and fact-based business case to request your salary increase or promotion. I will coach you through writing your letter, review your content and provide some edit suggestions.

Overcoming Objections
: I will prepare you for the face to face conversation with your employer about your raise. We will walk through negotiation, timelines, expectations, follow-ups and defending your request

Other: If you need personalized support beyond what is listed here, contact Melissa to build a custom package for you. We can build a strategy around whatever your hurdle is. Be sure to discuss this package prior to purchasing.  

*Please note that if you need support defining your V.A.L.U.E or Knowing your Audience, you will need to purchase an additional strategy session. This assumes that you have the foundation in place already.

Please note that pricing is in USD

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