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In this course, you will learn how to SUCCESSFULLY request and negotiate a pay increase or promotion with confidence. This 5-phase system is a self-guided program full of videos, workbooks, resources AND each phase includes a personalized check in with me to ensure you are progressing. You will receive access to the next module after our check in calls to ensure you have time to focus and practice your skills. The course includes:

Frame of Mind

Before you can achieve it, you need to believe it. You need to BELIEVE that you DESERVE what you are asking for. Get into the right head space to negotiate an increase. Here you will learn:

  • What success skills to hone
  • How to fake it til you make it
  • How to take a personalized inventory to recognize and honor your attributes
  • The importance and practice of affirmations

During our check in, we will discuss your individual mental roadblocks and develop a personalized plan on how to overcome them.


Build a Business Case

This phase is all about quantifying your value in the workplace. Here we will focus on identifying and outlining the contributions and successes in your current role. To request an increase your employer will want to know what they're going to get out of it... Your job is to tell them. Here you will discover and define your V.A.L.U.E. We will quantify your:

  • Value Proposition
  • Accomplishments
  • Level of Authority
  • Upgrades
  • Extra Responsibilities

During our check in, I will ensure what you have defined is properly linked to the business operations to build a bullet-proof business case.

Know your Audience & Business Framework

This phase is all about strategy. Here we will focus on understanding who will be granting the request along with your company`s internal framework. The intent is to take a proactive approach in how you set up your request. We will define:

  • Your boss and / or the decision maker
  • Your company policy
  • Organizational structure and how it impacts your request
  • Company history and health

During our 1:1 conversation, we will discuss and define your company, your boss, potential obstacles and key language to use in the next phase.


Craft your Letter

During this phase you will learn how to create a well-crafted letter / email that is persuasive in nature and backed by facts. This is done through pulling all the details from Steps 2 and 3 into a well-structured request that outlines your contributions (and the company’s return on the investment in you). Each component of the letter will be broken down:

  • Opening paragraph
  • Hard Facts
  • Soft Facts
  • Closing

I will do an initial review of the letter with comments/edits to ensure your request is well read and well supported.

Send and Discuss

This phase will prepare you to send your request and how to have a confident face to face conversation about your request. You will be prepared to:

  • negotiate your wage (if required)
  • confidently discuss your contributions and defend your requested amount
  • identify other extenuating factors that were not addressed in the letter
  • identify obstacles, hurdles, objections and buzz words that you want to include in the conversation

During our 1:1 call, we will think about rebuttals, your follow up comments, and key buzz words/phrases to bring up. Based on your situation, I will guide you on key topics to include in your conversation to support your business. case.

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